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CASH PRIZES DOUBLED IN 2022 TO $200,000 The Largest cash prize pool at any startup event in the world!

The Supernova Challenge is the biggest pitch competition in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, and your opportunity to become the next unicorn!

With a $200,000 cash prize up for grabs, the Supernova Challenge is the most anticipated pitch competition for entrepreneurs displaying groundbreaking innovations and highlighting their value in front of the world.

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Overall Industry Pioneer - $8000

Biosolvit - Brasil


Microamp Solutions - Poland

Female Founder Award - $8000

Playbook - Bahrain


Mostakshef - Palestine

Sustainability & ESG - $8000

Carbon Limit - USA


Desolenator - Netherlands

Fintech Innovator - $8000

Allink - South Korea


Patron - Egypt

Blockchain Frontier Leader - $8000

WAM - Romania


Klangchat - Germany

X-Verse Builder - $8000

Edverse - India


Llamazoo - Canada

Martech Innovator - $8000

Copymonkey - Latvia


Yspot Innovation - UAE

Creative Economy - $8000

Popmii - France


Sketshare - UAE

AI Innovator - $8000

Earable - Vietnam


One Act - Japan

Mobility & Smart Cities Innovator - $8000

Shapshap - Nigeria


Datoms - India

Africa Fast - $8000

Melanin Capital Limited - Kenya


Flowes - Nigeria

Top MENA Startup Award - $8000

Galactech - Oman


Edubook - Palestine

Youth Entrepreneur Award

Wewer - India - $3000


Kanz Art - UAE - $5000


This year, Supernova has 13 categories as part of the semi-finals

FinTech Innovator

The winner is building the boldest product or service in financial technology whether it is bringing access to financial services for all, leading in green fintech revolution, protecting consumers’ financial data and privacy, or broadening transparency in the supply chain.

MarTech Innovator

The winner is building applications of new technology in marketing and communications including advertising, data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, media, and social media.

Sustainability & ESG Innovator

The winner is utilizing technology to solve social challenges including energy and environmental fields. Solutions include but are not limited to renewable energy, digital inclusion, waste management, food security, battery technologies, clear or green tech, decarbonization, healthcare, circular economy, social or corporate government.

AI Innovator

The winner showcases how the product or service is moving AI technology forward in terms of new algorithms, data analysis, forecasting, and decision-making with less risk.

Blockchain Frontier Leader

Recognizing the startup that harnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology to impact their industry. Startups in this category also include crypto projects, DeFi, Metaverse, Gaming and Web 3.0 applications.

Creative Economy Innovator

The winner boosts the culture and creative industries with a product or service in the arts, design fashion, music, photography, film, video, etc.

X-Verse Builder (Meta, Web 3.0) (new)

The winner is creating revolutionary opportunities in the metaverse. Ranging from open payments and exchange system; a new DAOs; having cultural impact and /or improving experiences of virtual worlds with public interest; draws on NFTs and related technologies to empower creators; solving challenges in digital identity, IoT networks, or infrastructure challenges of the growing Web3 ecosystem.

Mobility & Smart Cities Innovator (new)

The winner is shaping the future of urban mobility or sustainable urban living by building a product or service advancing our lives by solving challenges in transportation, road safety, IoT, autonomous driving, e-mobility, sustainable city management, sharing economy, or digital services.

Top Africa Fast Award (new)

The winner is building a product or service based in Africa or with the majority of their operations in Africa serving the African continent but with high potential for global expansion.

Top MENA Startup Award (new)

The winner is building a product or service based in MENA service the Arab region with high potential for global expansion.

Overall Industry Pioneer Award (new)

The winner has submitted an industry application or case study that made use of the latest tech whether AI, Blockchain, Healthtech, Agritech, Edtech, Fintech, Energy, and other industries; which has a strong commercial and sustainability impact.

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Fast Female Founder Award in Partnership with Sharjah Business Women’s Council

The winner is a women-led startup building a product or service with high potential for global expansion. The startup has a female founder with a minimum of 50% ownership in the business and is an active Senior Executive.

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Youth Entrepreneur Award

The winner is an entrepreneur within the age range of 15-35 building a product or service solving for one of the world’s most pressing challenges and digital transformation.